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who is it for?



there will never be another you!

and your voice is precious and needed


our voices are the instruments we have received

to voice life as we experience it

and to share our unique shade of

human experience.


Testimonials  from  the  workshop


Hi beautiful tribe, Flor here.

I’m very grateful for everything we’ve experienced together and for having seen my voice and all of our voices open up so much during our short but deep and powerful journey 

May we keep this collective vibration and bring others on board of this freedom vision and elevation!  


Thank you for every picture, every word and song you’ve shared. You are so very inspiring 


Uria Tsur⁩, Forever a fan! 

Music is so much more than entertainment 

it is medicine!


Together we will dive 

Deeper and deeper 

Into the harmonious hall of playful music,

To meet our unique frequency of this medicine - and SHINE!


The center of our attention  

Will be the powerful portal in every human gathering...

It is a door to synergy of consciousness, 

A door to unity and towards mutual elevation.


To be holding space for such a portal, 

Is the art that I am inviting you to learn - together.

For we are here to serve

With compassion, humility and love.

Voice Medicine Retreat UriaTsur

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