One Love - One Heart

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I invite you to Walk together - as a community.


Your active presence,


Helps me commit to consistent and lasting creation,


Record more and more original music, Instead of keeping it in a drawer


Waiting for the "right time".


If this is a song I wrote recently, Or one of the dozens of songs


Which I have written over the years and set aside,


The work in the studio,


Always painted in the shades of my current chapter in life,


And in this way,


Tells the story of a journey of a lifetime In a way that only music can ...


This new idea Creates a deep and special bond between us,


A knot written in sound,


Wrapped in love,


And immortalized for future generations.


When I started the inner circle,


I did not imagine the amount of gifts I would receive From this project


And how much he will change my life ...


Thank you for your choice to Be a part of it.

How does it work?
For 3$ a month, you will receive :

once a month a new & unpublished song of mine


Community member site access


monthly community online gathering 


A true and groundbreaking partnership

In the creation of beauty in this world

A free taste

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My music is written for & by the ones

that will hear it...



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