"Find the truth in yourself
Open wide
We are one
Space and time
Connected in love

Here and now"


אוריה צור מתוך אלבום "שוב למקום"




Vocal Freedom - Space Holding - Improvisation

Join us for a 5 days retreat in the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica

In a small group we will find the courage to free and express our voice

wild as the nature that surrounds us and guided by the wisdom of the circle

,We will learn how to improve our space holding skills

release what’s blocking us from moving and sharing freely in the world

use the great wisdom of the circle to dive deep into ourselves

and find inside new powers and gifts that are waiting to be revealed

!Music is the teacher
Together, we will explore our voice

Practice leadership in a loving and intuitive way

And dive into the collective experience

All of this happens in the one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica - on the beach, in the jungle!

Voice Medicine Retreat
March 05-09th
Finca Morpho, Osa
Costa Rica


Creative expression has many layers to explore... 

Here we have the space and time to enter into
the magical flow of musical currants!

Uria will lead us through worlds of teachings
from his vast musical experience


On this 5 day journey,

We will have the opportunity to gradually dive deeper

and deeper into the waters of creative freedom and playfulness. 

We will find our unique shine
and connect to the "rockstar within".


This journey will help you find your own special way
To express your inner world

through the subtleties of your vocal qualities.

Come as you are...

Uria Tsur

Visionary, Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Brother, Father, Lover & Dreamer. 

Lead singer at Orot Band - singing circle experiences. 

Producer of The Sacred Journey festival.

Opened the first school for singing circle leaders. 

Leads workshops, ceremonies & retreats worldwide

which are all of the same essence ~

opening of the heart and expression of the authentic self

expansion of consciousness towards the re-membering into the global community we all are. 

אוריה צור - סולן ההרכב "אורות", מפיק אירועים של חיבור ללב והתרחבות התודעה,
ביניהם פסטיבל ה - Sacred Journey, מנחה קורסים של העצמה, סדנאות ביטוי קולי והנחיית מרחב.


What to expect

Improvisation and Playfulness

Surf the waves of music in the ocean of creativity, open your channel and SING

Key Elements in Holding Space

The collective patterns of a group and your humble place as a leader

Working through Stage Fright

Get to become friends with the rush of energy while being in the spotlight

Cacao ceremony

Heart opening experiance with the wise and wonderful spirit of Cacao

Wellness and relaxation

A daily yoga session, organic food, wild inspiring nature and plenty of stillness

And much more...

This workshop is designed for those who wish to...

~ Bring their authentic voice to the world!

~ Explore being a channel of the collective wisdom

~ Feel at home in front of a crowd

~ Expand the sensation of "self".

~ Enjoy 5 days of pure happiness, music, nature and joy!


Smadar Edelman

We will experiance Yoga practice with Smadar every morning, to awaken our bodies and connect to ourselves ♥
Namaste, I am Smadar Edelman (smaj'a)
a woman, a mother, a wife, a yogi
and a free spirit
I teach Dharma yoga for over 11 years.

This practice remindes us the seed of the endless love and unity that we are

In the combination of breathing and movement, the consciousness relaxes and we enter a yogic state where the serenity of our miraculous existence lies.

The yoga practice allows a connection between matter and spirit, it is a gate that helps us to open to the divine that we are

Join me in the Voice Medicine Retreat every morning to awaken the prana and infuse it within us and in the whole world.

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Prices and Accommodation

Voice Medicine Retreat
March 5th-9th at Finca Morpho, Costa Rica

(Osa, Corcovado national park)

Arrival - Saturday at 1pm

Shuttle from San Jose to the site leaves on Saturday  early morning


Goodbye - Wednsday at 2:00pm
Including Shuttle back to SJ 

We can help you with transportation, answers regarding entering CR, and everything else :)

Early Birds Price -
10 tickets only  - 680$ - Sold Out

Happy Birds Price -
10 tickets only  - 750$ - Sold Out

Flying Birds - Full Price  - 850$ - Now Selling!

Only 5 spots left


Amount of participants is limited - up to 30!

Accomendation Options - 
Dorms (4-6 ppl) -
included in ticket price


Shared (2 ppl)
Add total amount of 120$ per person

Private -
Add total amount of

The prices includes transportaion from San Jose and back, the retreat,
3 organic meals a day, coffee & fruits stand,
and the most beautiful jungle and beach of Costa Rica!

Cancellation is within 14 days from registraion and not less then a week before the begining of the retreat.
Deposit of 200$ is not returned.


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"You can see a person's soul through his singing...
I recommend anyone who wants to experience a connection to his soul, through the amazing instrument called music and through the wisdom called circle and through an amazing teacher - Uriah Tsur, to join this journey! it's a huge gift for ourselves!" -

"Today I feel confident not only lecturing and guiding people in my workshops, but also leading large groups with singing!" -  Zohar

"Today I have the tools to guide and lead a singing circle myself,

I have the tools to express myself freely, with love and joy...
This journey was  liberating and gave so much to my life." -