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January 20-24th 2023


Join us for a 5 days retreat in the beautiful tropics

In a small group we will find the courage

to free and express our voice
wild as the nature that surrounds us

and guided by the wisdom of the circle.


Learn how to improve your space holding skills


Use the great wisdom of the circle

to dive deep into yourself

Release what’s blocking you

and share your self freely in this world

find new powers and gifts

that are waiting to be revealed

Music is the teacher.

Together, we will explore our voice

Practice leadership in a loving and intuitive way And dive into the collective experience


"Uria's Voice Retreat was such a profound revelation. I couldn't have imagined how deep and transformative it truly is. Uria is a MASTERFUL facilitator and spiritual teacher. He guided us all into a deeply reverent space where songs became prayers and our wounds were placed on the altar of our collectively roused love to be alchemized into wisdom. We cultivated a field of connection and unity that felt world-saving. The harmonies still ripple in my being and I feel immensely shifted. This is some of the deepest and most beautiful work and play I have ever had the honour to experience, co-create and embody."
∞ Darren Austin Hall


What to expect

Improvisation and Playfulness

Surf the waves of music in the ocean of creativity, open your channel and SING

Key Elements in Holding Space

The collective patterns of a group and your humble place as a leader

Working through Stage Fright

Get to become friends with the rush of energy while being in the spotlight

Wellness and relaxation

A daily yoga session, organic food, wild inspiring nature, flowing river and plenty of stillness

Breathwork ceremony

To connect deeper inside and open our bodies

Daily group vocal sessions

we gonna make lots of music, harmonies and FUN together!

And so much more...


This workshop is designed for those who wish to...

 Bring their authentic voice to the world!

Explore being a channel of the collective wisdom


Feel at home in front of a crowd

Expand the sensation of "self"


Enjoy 5 days of pure happiness, music, nature and joy!


Creative expression has many layers

to explore... 

In this retreat we have the space and

time to enter into
the magical flow of musical currants!

Uria will lead us through worlds of teachings
from his vast musical experience.


On this 5 day journey,

We will have the opportunity to gradually dive deeper and deeper into the waters of creative freedom and playfulness. 

We will find our unique shine
and connect to the "rockstar within".


This journey will help you find your own special way

To express your inner world

through the subtleties of your vocal qualities.

Come as you are...

Uria Tsur

Visionary, Producer, SInger-Songwriter, teacher, brother, father, lover and dreamer.


Producer of The Sacred Journey festival

Lead singer of Orot band- the singing circle experience

Founder of the School For Singing Circle Leaders.


Facilitator of workshops, ceremonies, and retreats  which all touch eht sme essence: The opening of the heart, expansion of consciousness and remembering of the global community that we all are. 


אודות אוריה צור

Smadar Edelman

We will experiance a Yoga practice with Smadar every morning in the retreat

Namaste, I am Smadar Edelman (smaj'a)
a woman, a mother, a wife, a yogi and a free spirit.
I teach Dharma yoga for over 11 years.

This practice remindes us the seed of the endless love and unity that we are.

In the combination of breathing and movement, the consciousness relaxes and we enter a yogic state where the serenity of our miraculous existence lies.

The yoga practice allows a connection between matter and spirit, it is a gate that helps us to open to the divine that we are

Join me in the Voice Medicine Retreat every morning to awaken the prana and infuse it within us and in the whole world.

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Marie Alma

Maria will guide us into a breath ceremony during the retreat

Marie Alma is an experienced and certified Breathwork Facilitator. The space she holds on breath is one of strong loving presence with curated music and shamanic tools, so those participating can surrender safely into the depths of their being.

The Breathwork technique which she facilitates is that of Conscious Connected Breathing, combined with extra elements, such as vocal toning and breath retentions.

This unique approach to the breathing journey, allows for participants to dive deep and move with grace through and beyond the stories that make up their lives, so they may find whatever it is that their Soul is ready for in that eternal moment of the Now.


Testimonies of previous retreats


"Two of my intentions for this retreat were to feel in awe before life and feel completely

comfortable inhabiting my own power. 

Both were completely fulfilled as we went deeper and deeper through beyond powerful singing portals that made me feel a deep connection with the center of mother earth and the infinite space of father sky above our heads. This was possible through a masterfully and impeccable guidance by Uria, whose medicine I have never seen before. 

Through voice I was able to tap into my soul's essence and re-awaken my leadership qualities and incarnate the medicine man that dwells within my soul's heart." - Yosef


"I’m amazed at the power of this medicine that can enable real healing through our unique resonance and voice. So much appreciation to Uria & the entire team for taking us on this journey and for guiding us in space holding, many learnings I’ll take back with me. Thank you, my soul felt truly seen — I’m humbled and inspired by the collective willingness to be vulnerable, the rawness, courage, and the playfulness" -  Amánda 


"The Voice Medicine Retreat has brought me so much insights and clarity in my own practice of singing and devotional music as a portal to access deeper layers of myself, using the voice as a medicine and a channel to connect with the source. The level of authenticity and purity of this collective work would not have been the same without Uria’s masterful experience in holding space with so much grace, presence and wisdom for all of us." - Raphael




Voice Medicine Retreat
January 20-24th 2023 at Florestral, Costa Rica
(Diamante Valley, Tinamaste)

Arrival - Friday Jan 20th at 1pm
Shuttle from San Jose to the site leaves on Friday early morning


Goodbye - Tueday Jan 24th at 2:00pm
Including Shuttle back to SJ & Dominical
We can help you with transportation, answers regarding entering CR, and everything else :)

Your investment
We LOVE our tribe and we're doing everything we can to allow the most accessible prices possible while keeping the standerts high and improving every year ♥

Prices includes transportaion from San Jose / Dominical and back, the retreat, 3 organic meals a day, coffee & fruits stand, accommodation and the most beautiful jungle

of Costa Rica!

Early Birds Price - 10 tickets only -
850$ - Available NOW!

Happy Birds Price - 10 tickets only - 950$

Flying Birds - Full Price  - 1050$


Amount of participants is limited!

Cancellation is within 14 days from registraion and not less then a week before the begining of the retreat.
Deposit of 250$ is not returned.


Florestral is a beautiful retreat center in the Diamante Valley, Costa Rica. It has a waterfall / River acess and a wild vivid nature all around, magnetic energies of the earth and loving hearts. 

We are offering 3 accommodation types

Dorms (6-8 people) - included in the current price!
Mini Dorm (3-4 people) - add 75$
Shared (2 people) - add 120$ 

Amount of rooms is super limited

Sleep in a Tent!
(We bring for you: Tent, mattress, sleeping bag) - pay 825$ including all!

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SHARED (2 beds)

Mini Dorm (3-4 beds)

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DORMS (6-8 beds)


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