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Registration is OPEN


Join us for a deep dive voice medicine retreat
We will find the courage
to free and express our voice
wild as the nature that surrounds us
and guided by the wisdom of the circle.


໑ Learn how to improve your space holding skills


໑ Use the great wisdom of the circle to dive deep into yourself


໑ Practice leadership in a loving and intuitive way

໑ Release what’s blocking you and share yourself freely in this world

໑ Find new powers and gifts that are waiting to be revealed

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໑ And dive into the collective experience


25th - 30th September 2024

Jungle Waterfall

Music is the teacher.

Together, we will explore our voice,
practice leadership in a loving and intuitive way, and dive into the collective experience


Witness the medicine of the voice in the mutual presence, as it opens portals to the archetypal human experience


"Uria's Voice Retreat was such a profound revelation. I couldn't have imagined how deep and transformative it truly is. Uria is a masterful facilitator and spiritual teacher. He guided us all into a deeply reverent space where songs became prayers and our wounds were placed on the altar of our collectively roused love to be alchemized into wisdom. We cultivated a field of connection and unity that felt world-saving. The harmonies still ripple in my being and I feel immensely shifted. This is some of the deepest and most beautiful work and play I have ever had the honour to experience, co-create and embody."
∞ Darren Austin Hall


What to expect

Improvisation and Playfulness

Surf the waves of music in the ocean of creativity, open your channel and SING

Key Elements in Holding Space

The collective patterns of a group and your humble place as a leader

Working through Stage Fright

Get to become friends with the rush of energy while being in the spotlight

Wellness and relaxation

​Inspiring nature, organic food, dancing, swimming pool, mountains and plenty of stillness


Daily yoga session

Breathwork ceremony

To connect deeper and open our bodies

Daily group vocal sessions

 Sing and feel the magical flow of musical currants, harmonies, connect with each other through voice and presence.

And so much more...


This retreat is for you, if you wish to…

Bring your authentic voice to the world.
Explore being a channel of the collective wisdom.


find your own special way to express your inner world through the subtleties of your vocal qualities.

Feel at home in front of a crowd.


Expand your sensation of "self".
Want to dive deep into discovering your voice.​​

Immerse in a group of humans, where all of you and all your emotions are welcome.​​

Enjoy six days of music, nature and togetherness!​​


Uria Tsur

Visionary, Producer, SInger-Songwriter, teacher, brother, father, lover and dreamer.


Producer of The Sacred Journey festival

Lead singer of Orot band- the singing circle experience

Founder of the School For Singing Circle Leaders.


Facilitator of workshops, ceremonies, and retreats which is all the same essence: Opening of the heart, Expansion of consciousness and Remembering of the global community that we all are. 


אודות אוריה צור

Yoga - TBA

Details of our daily Yoga practice facilitator will be announced soon...

The medicine of breath, opens new realms of inner expression. This temple in the midst of our journey is truely a transformative moment  !

Breathwork - TBA

A deep breathing session




Movement and voice are two aspects of the same flow

The retreat will be a hall for your authentic expression in speech, Song and Dance!


Testimonies of previous retreats


"I’m amazed at the power of this medicine that can enable real healing through our unique resonance and voice. (...) Many learnings I’ll take back with me. Thank you, my soul felt truly seen — I’m humbled and inspired by the collective willingness to be vulnerable, the rawness, courage, and the playfulness" - Amánda


"The Voice Medicine Retreat has brought me so many insights and clarity in my own practice of singing and devotional music as a portal to access deeper layers of myself, using the voice as a medicine and a channel to connect with the source. The level of authenticity and purity of this collective work would not have been the same without Uria’s masterful experience in holding space with so much grace, presence and wisdom for all of us." - Raphael


"Two of my intentions for this retreat were to feel in awe before life and feel completely comfortable inhabiting my own power. Both were completely fulfilled as we went deeper and deeper beyond powerful singing portals that made me feel a deep connection with the center of mother earth and the infinite space of father sky above our heads." - Yosef


Voice Medicine Retreat Spain
Your investment

€1300 General Voice Medicine Admission
€1200 Early Bird Booking
€1050 Super Early Bird

Accommodation & Venue

Hidden Paradise is a family run retreat center, nestled in the foothills of the Alpujarra mountain range in Andalusia, Southern Spain. At over 1000 meters above the Mediterranean Sea, there are fantastic views down to the coast and often as far as Morocco as well as panoramic vistas of the beautiful mountains surrounding us. We are invited to enjoy the experience of living off the grid in balance with nature. For refreshment two pools are available. A magical round singing temple invites us to expand, sing and dance.

We are offering two accommodation types:

Shared room (2-4 people) or own tent or Campervan - included in the price
Private room - We have six private rooms available for an extra €350 per person



September 25th
12 h & 13 h shared pick up from Malaga airport.  (Extra cost of €35)
14h -16:00h Arrival & Check In

September 30th
End of Retreat and Goodbye after lunch at 14h
Shared transport to Malaga airport leaves at 14h:30h and 15:30h (Extra cost of €35)



Please fill out this form and pay the deposit

We are looking forward to diving deep with you in this wonderful journey supported by nature.

Uria and Juli

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