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One Love - One Heart

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For 3$ a month, you will receive :

once a month, a new & unpublished song of mine

Community member site access

monthly community online gathering 

A true and groundbreaking partnership
In the creation of beauty in this world

A free taste 😇:


The song of

Jan. 2021

This is an invitation

To walk this path together as a community.

Your active presence,

helps me commit to the ongoing creation

To record more and more original music,

Rather than keeping it in the drawer

Waiting for "the right time".

Wether its a song I just wrote

Or one of the dozens of songs

that I have written years ago and left aside -

The creation in the studio,

is always coloured by my present chapter in life,

And in this way,

Tells the story of my life's journey

in the way that only music can... 

This new concept

is creating a profound connection between us,

That is written in sound,

wrapped in love,

And passed on to generations to come.

when I started it,
I have had no idea

of its multidimensional gifts,

and of how much its going to change my life...

Thank you so much for being a part of this.


ecstatic sunday circle.jpg

my music is written 

for & by the ones

that will hear it...



Whatsapp: +972-50-330-2112

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